Babys seem to be bang on trend at present and so many celebrities seem to be able to pop them out and be back in a size 6 pair of jeans before they leave the hospital! or is it a bit of clever photoshop?!

Here at David Antony we are mum and baby/toddler friendly, we have a team that are mostly mothers, so have that knack to make your child feel comfortable and relaxed having there hair cut (not to mention the large toy box and lollies!)

We also have a relaxation room if mothers would prefer a little privacy to breastfeed or we are totally relaxed if mums want to breastfeed in salon.

We have found many new mums are tempted to have their hair cut short to make life easier, but this isnt always the case, often a longer style is easier to tie up out of the way .

After around about three months after the baby is born or breastfeeding stops, this is when the hair will shed, throughout the pregnancy the hair will grow and not fall so often when it starts falling its a time of worry, but it is a natural process and will normally have settled down within 10 – 12 weeks.

For the mums who dont want to lose that lovely thickness we do Flip in Hair, these are extensions on a very fine wire and can be fitted in literally a  couple of minutes, so no problem for busy mums.

We also do some deep hair treatments for reviving that tired hair or if you really wan to give that hair  a boost you could try the Redken Intra Force range, this range has Zinc PCA Arginine and vitamin E to make your hair thicker and fuller in 30 days or your money back! so well worth a try.

Our team are always happy to talk about what we can offer for your hair, don’t be afraid to ask.