Coloring gray hair is a real art, too much and it looks fake, too little and it seems like its grey with a hint of something, or too much tone and its more like a blue rinse (popular if you’re younger! but step away from the bottle if you are that certain age!)

Gray hair is often dry, coarse and wirey, these issues need to be combated before any color touches your hair, a moisturising range such as Redken All Soft or Pureology Hydrate are ideal and will also help to maintain that color once its on your hair.

An oil such as Redken Diamond oil or Pureology oil is ideal as a daily moisturiser on the hair, apply a little into your hands first thing in the morning and work through the hair, these oils are notr the oil slicks we use to have available but they are much lighter and easy to use on coarse hair on a daily basis without a build up.

Gray hair is also more vulnerable to the harmful effects of the sun and water, especially chlorinated water or salt water, in both cases rinse the hair immediatly you come out of the water, use cool water as this will help keep the color in the hair.

Try not to wash your hair every day, there are some excellent dry shampoos now, one of the best and easiest to use is the Redken Powder Refresh.

And if spending any time outside, put on some protection from the heat in the way of a sunblock or a hat, you wouldnt sit in the sun with no lotion on your skin and its the same for your hair, with gray hair being particularly vulnerable to the suns rays and after no time you could be walking back into the salon with a head of straw!!

Enjoy the sunshine, sensibly!