What a great weekend was had!

The day started off on Sunday afternoon with the welcome by the ever glamorous Creative Head editor Catherine Hancock, this led straight into last years winners of Most Wanted business thinkers Tommy and Esther Van der Veken, their message was clear ‘stay true to your goals and core beliefs, and never compromise on quality’

They were followed by Richard Phillipart ‘The boy wonder!’ Richard has really grasped the social media platform and used it all across his business, it certainly had everyone talking as they left and drifted to the bar!

The evening started with a meet and mix session in the Thames room with huge swaithes of glass overlooking the said river with some real hairdressing legends in Andrew Barton, Dylan Bradshaw, Errol Douglas, Carolyn Newman and Ken West

there was a real buzz in the room as people waited patiently to unleash their questions on the willing legends, from here it was down to dinner. A lovely dinner was had and washed down with copious amounts of wine and then the finale of the day which was the legendary Trevor Sorbie introducing his award winning art team.

Trevor was brandishing a broken ankle from some sort of bedroom activities involving a wardrobe (later we found out it wasnt anything half as exciting!) The art team really brought a hush over the diners as they worked their magic on stage and after people retired to the bar (once again) to enthuse over the amazing work and catch up with old friends and make some new.

Day two began at 7am breakfast followed by the opening at 9am, there were a few bleary eyes due to ‘some’ people still at the bar at 4am! shocking!

more to come!