Well September was quite a month! we had the refit of the reception area making it much more ‘user friendly’ so glad everyone has been so enthusaistic about it!

We have tied in several influences from our favourite parts of the world, India and Thailand and the influence of the tranquility of these places shines through.

After the reception area came the basin area, this ment closure for two days as there were the two backwash areas to completely strip out and refit, as is usual for these type of things ‘murphys law’ of what can go wrong will go wrong came into play!

The night before the work was to start the basins had not arrived, 6pm a lorry pulled up and the driver informed us that he had a bad back and that unless we had some muscle here they couldnt be unloaded, I ask you, muscle in a hairdressers?!!! Pllleeeeaaaseee!

After a lot of arguing the basins got dumped outside the salon, with a lot of help we got them unpacked and off the pallets and inside for the night, this was when we found that the basins themselves were black rather than white and the company were closed until Monday.

Ok nothing else can go wrong can it? yes it can! The floor on the original side was completely rotten from many years of dripping water under the basins, a whole section had to be cut out, but luckily the joists were dry as a bone!so it was only the top layer that needed the replacing.

By Monday morning things were coming together, or so we thought, this was when we had a call to tell us that they had run out of the tiles for behind the basins!

Quick drive up to the tile place only to find they didnt have any and delivery wasnt until Friday! phoning round all the tile places and eventually found a place in Poole that had some, so we were able to get that finished, how a builder can get the measurements out by 20 square feet I dont know!

We opened on the Wednesday with only one basin working and a garden full of rubbish, by the evening we had all six basins working but still a garden full of rubbish!!! apparently not in the quote!  and even that ended up 20% more than the original quote! but they done a good job, still a bit of finishing here and there but we are all really enjoying the new salon, next week the white basins arrive, so upside down again, but hopefully only for a day!

Come in and have a look, we love it and we are sure you will too.