We can supply you with all the latest products from Redken, Pureology and GHD to make your hair look fantastic, but you also need to start from the inside, here is our list of superfoods for the hair.

1.Wild Salmon – providing oils and nutrients for the hair and scalp

2. Avocado – packed full of essential fatty acids

3. Water – yes simple as that, plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and your hair moisturised

4. Apricots – High in Vitamin A a powerful anti-oxidant

5. Almonds – High in Iron that helps hair stay in the growth mode

6. Aloe Vera juice – packed with Vitamin C and also helps with the absorption of Iron

7. Eggs – especially the yolks, again full of vitamin E and helps promote a healthy circulation to the scalp

8. Beans and Lentils – Full of B6 and Folic acid which help in the production of cysteine

9. Peppers (Capsicum) – these are high in Zinc which in turn helps hair growth

10. Brocoli – another super food and high in copper and vitamin C

Now you can eat your way to healthier hair!